Choose A Custom Figure Skating Outfit That Reflects A Certain Country

15 January 2020
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One approach that you can take when you'll be performing in a figure skating competition and are looking to have a custom outfit made is to think about the type of music to which you'll be dancing. It's possible that the music has a close connection with a certain country. If so, you may want to talk to your custom outfit provider about creating an outfit that reflects this country. Doing so will make it match your figure skating routine well, which can augment the overall performance that you're putting on. Here are some examples of directions that you might take.


If you've set your figure skating routine to some Irish music, it can be fun to come up with a design for an outfit that ties in well with this theme. Of course, you'll want at least some of the outfit to be green. You may wish to pair the green with white, black, or yellow, depending on your individual tastes. Shamrock details might also be appropriate on the garment. For example, you might want a series of sequined shamrocks down the arms or perhaps a large, embroidered shamrock shape on the back of the outfit.


Some figure skating routines use Spanish-inspired music, and perhaps you've chosen something that pays tribute to this nation's flamenco scene. Red and black are common clothing colors in flamenco dancing, so it's ideal if your custom figure skating outfit provider can include these hues in your garment. Many women's flamenco dresses are large with long tails. Your figure skating outfit obviously needs to be tight so that you can move freely around the ice, but consider a frilly section around the waist to pay tribute to this look.

United States

Of course, you don't necessarily need to choose music from a foreign country. If you've selected music from an American artist, you may want to think about a figure skating garment that suits this look. Perhaps you've chosen a country music song to which you'll be dancing. If so, a stars-and-stripes-themed figure skating outfit can be a perfect choice. Your outfit provider can use red, white, and blue materials, as well as plenty of sequins and other sparkly elements. Stars, of course, should be present on the garment in some way. You may even want to take the ice in a matching cowgirl hat that you can toss off before you begin your routine.

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