Types Of Name Plates

17 December 2013
 Categories: Shopping, Articles

When choosing individual name plates for each employee in the office, you'll find that there are a wide variety of name plates available. Name plates are as diverse and varied as people are, so naturally, it can be hard to choose which name plates are going to be right for your office. Here are some of the types of name plates available on the market today; look them over and decide which is right for you! Metal Metal name plates are the most commonly used variety of name plates in most offices. Metal name plates have a professional, "shiny" look about them, but they typically require little to no maintenance. While metal name plates may feature the name of the employee engraved directly onto the name plate, most metal name plates feature a sliding option. This means that the name plate stand remains the same no matter what, but the name, engraved onto a thin sheet of metal, can be slid out of the stand whenever necessary. This approach is particularly good for offices in which employees often switch desks or you have a high turnover rate. Plus, this variety of name plate is typically among the least expensive name plate options. Glass Glass name plates are often chosen because of their classy appearance. Essentially, these name plates feature a rectangular piece of glass onto which is engraved the name and essential information of the employee. The glass is then slid into a base, usually made of wood, metal, or plastic, which holds the glass upright so that the name and information engraved onto the glass can be read. This variety of name plate is usually chosen because of its expensive, professional look. However, it should be noted that these name plates are usually on the more expensive side. What's more, they cannot be changed out when an employee quits, so it is usually best to invest in glass name plates only when you are certain that the employee in question is in it for the long haul. It should also be noted that like anything else made of glass, glass name plates are indeed breakable; if your office typically has children in it, you may want to avoid breakable glass name plates altogether. Colored Whatever type of material you choose for your employee's name plates, you will usually also have the option of getting the name plates colored. This option is great if you wish to distinguish employees within certain departments; for instance, all employees in HR may get yellow name plates, while salespeople get green name plates. Colored name plates can also enhance the look of your office and complement your design and color scheme to create a more friendly, warm environment that will put your customers and employees at ease. Finally, colors on name plates can allow for more personalization for your employees. Mounted While quite a few name plates (such as those from http://www.artcraftdiv.com are placed onto stands that rest on top of a desk, name plates can also be mounted. Some employers choose to mount name plates on the front of the desk itself; others opt to mount name plates on cubicle walls. But wherever you decide to mount them, mounted name plates are yet another classy option for your office. Personalized Finally, name plates can often be personalized with pictures, borders, colors, and other features. Employees can choose the look and feel of their own name plates, which can be a big morale booster. It also makes for a more family friendly environment, as it gives children something fun to look at. However, highly personalized name plates for every employee may get expensive; plus, it may make the office look more disorganized instead of unified and professional, which may completely defeat the whole purpose of getting name plates in the first place.