Seven Inches Of Glory: How A Custom Bobblehead Immortalizes Events, Feelings And More

11 February 2015
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Life presents people with many obstacles, challenges and circumstances where they need a little encouragement. It also offers many times that were meant to be cherished forever. While a greeting card can put your feelings about these events into words, a custom bobblehead can immortalize the event in vivid, moving color. If you're stumped about how to express yourself to someone or how to commemorate a special event in their life, or you want to freeze a moment in time for yourself, here are a few ideas on how a bobblehead can be the perfect solution.

Special Occasions: When an event in life is only going to happen once, or it's otherwise so important that it's considered to be some sort of milestone, it deserves a worthy form of commemoration. Give it a way to sit on a coffee table forever, marking the moment. Let it stand on a bookshelf for all to see and where the people most closely involved can instantly reflect no matter how far in the future.

  • Pregnancy: While there are quite a few milestones in pregnancy that a woman might want to forget, such as nauseated trips to the latrine every morning for the first trimester or the hormonal driven temper tantrums she's likely to have thrown at anyone within arm's reach, this truly is a time she will cherish forever. Have a bobble made up in her pregnant image. Make it funny or make it sweet, but either way, it's something she will always hold onto.
  • Vacation: If you're taking a trip to someplace like China or Iceland, it's most likely only going to happen once. While photos fade and their edges fray, the little doll will endure indefinitely. You can customize yourself alone or with a partner, in such a manner as to reflect the most iconic features of a land you visit or the most fun you had while there. The doll can be dressed in clothing symbolic of the culture or you could have something in your hands, like a bottle of Brennivin or colorful paper lantern. Because they are customized, you can represent your visit with a detailed recreation of that one moment you treasure most.
  • Graduation: Every person should have their graduation commemorated in glorious fashion. It is such a remarkable achievement that it needs to be etched into a permanent display of celebration. Dressed in cap and gown and looking nearly identical to the graduate, a bobble on this occasion is practically a necessity.
  • Many more: Sporting championships, weddings, major birthdays and any other significant personal accomplishment or happening can be commemorated with a custom bobblehead. 

Special Circumstances: When words aren't enough, or you simply can't find the right ones to put together, an artistic creation can speak for you and do so in volumes. If the expression is something that can be held and adored indefinitely, all the better.

  • Marriage Proposal: Immortalize the moment on bended knee with a pair of figurines -- and use it to pop the question!
  • Sincere Apologies: Almost everyone does something once in a while so utterly regrettable that they need to make big amends. A formal, heartfelt apology in the form of a custom figurine should garner forgiveness, either immediate or eventual.
  • Encouragement: Visualization is a powerful tool. It's what New England Patriots player Malcolm Butler did right before his game winning interception in the Superbowl. For example, if you have a friend trying to lose weight, have a bobblehead created in their image, only thinner. They could put it in a place where it will be seen as a constant reminder of the goals in progress and used as a visualization tool for successful weight loss.
  • However you feel: Expressing your support or emotions is easier with animation and giving someone something to hold onto is more meaningful. You could put your feelings into a few short words, such as "I need you" or "You can do it!" and have your personal caricature holding a sign with those words, forever inscribing the sentiment on a permanent memento.

There are countless reasons you need to express your feelings to the people in your life, and many times when you want to solidify a memory of your own into something tangible. Nothing else accomplishes both quite the way a bobblehead does. When you need more than a simple greeting card or don't want a once in a lifetime memory stuffed away in a photo album, bring the occasion to life. Contact a company like Webobble and have the moment made into a bobblehead.