5 Ways To Capture Memorable Video With Hunting Game Cameras

9 June 2015
 Categories: Shopping, Articles

Hunting game cameras are a great trail supply that is usually used to track the habits of animals like deer and turkey. The advancement of the video quality and technology has opened up a lot of new uses for the game cameras. When you're shopping for hunting supplies, there are multiple ways that a game camera can be used. By implementing the cameras and various accessories, you can completely change the way you hunt and display your hunting skills to the masses.

Live Hunting Feeds

A lot of game cameras have the ability to send feeds through a wi-fi network. Not only can you monitor your own camera location, but you can use this technology to create a live hunting feed. Family and friends can watch a live feed as you hunt, explain tips, or go over the gear that you have. The ultimate pay off during a live feed is the ability to see you hunt animals and possibly get a kill.

Over time, you can schedule live feeds, promote them on various websites, and connect them through a number of apps. Finding a game camera with the best wi-fi strength will help ensure that the live feed runs as smooth as possible.

Weapon Perspectives

Older game cameras used to be bulky and could only really be positioned on a tree. By shopping for a smaller and lightweight camera, you can expand it's use. One way to get a unique perspective is by attaching the camera to one of the hunting weapons that you use. Whether it's a gun, cross-bow, or bow, the angle can offer a unique perspective on the hunting experience. This type of video will often emulate the first-person shooter video game angle.

Not only is the video fun to watch, but it can offer an insight on the way you're shooting. By studying the footage, you can see how your aim is, your hand positions, and anything that you may be doing wrong.

Multiple Angles

The affordability of game cams has made it easy for hunters to own one and make it an everyday part of the hunting experience. This may even allow you to purchase multiple cameras. By mounting the cams to multiple trees, you have the ability to create multiple angles from a single hunting session.

For example, if you shoot a deer, you can get a close angle of the deer getting shot along with a wide shot that shows you shooting and getting the deer. By using basic video editing software, you have the ability to create some pretty compelling video clips.

3D Videos

Another possibility for your game cameras is the ability to process and create 3D videos. Whether it's a turkey running towards the camera or an arrow whizzing by, 3D effects will make the video more compelling and great to watch on the big screen.

The best ways to capture video for 3D is by using a game camera with HD quality. The better the quality, the better it is to process 3D imaging. Game cameras also have unique features like night vision that can create even more 3D possibilities. Once the footage is captured, a number of software options can be used to convert the footage. This gives you the opportunity to view the footage with modern 3D glasses or the traditional red and blue 3D glasses.

Time Lapse Videos

Hunting games are designed for durability and longevity. Using SD cards to store footage, you have the ability to create a time lapse video that captures days or weeks of forest footage. Pick a permanent mounting spot for the game camera. Over a set amount of time, capture as much footage as possible. This can include everyday forest life, hunting, and various types of weather.

Once the footage is all captured, you can use video editing software to speed up the footage and create a great time lapse video. This is a great way to scope out your hunting area and have some memorable footage to look back on.

Take time to plan out different videos. The more planning you put into ideas, the greater the output will be.