3 Types Of Collectible Coins Ideal For High School Graduation Gifts

24 May 2016
 Categories: Shopping, Articles

Graduating from high school and preparing for college is a big step in many students' lives. To help celebrate and mark this transition, it's often common for family and loved ones to purchase a gift for a child. Instead of a traditional gift, you can give a graduating high school student something special that will last for numerous years to come. A collectible coin can be valuable, have special meaning, and create a nice keepsake for future college students to bring with them on their life journey. As you shop for coins, there are four types that will make a great gift. Each one can apply to the theme of graduating, growing up, and moving on to the world of college.

College Majors

If the student in your life already knows their college major, then you can help celebrate the journey with a special coin. There are numerous coins that feature a variety of themes related to college majors. For example, if the student is going to be a film major, you can find coins with famous movie stars or movies on them. In New Zealand, there are coin sets featuring the stars and characters from "The Hobbit" films. Classic film stars like Marilyn Monroe are also featured on coin releases.

Aside from film, you can find coins related to all types of majors. Anyone majoring in things associated with animals can be gifted with animal coin sets from all around the world. This includes zoo animals, exotic animals, or sea creatures. There are also a lot of coins available for history majors. This includes coins to commemorate events like wars or the Olympics. Once you know the major that student is studying, you can easily find coins related to the topic.

Location Coins

Along with the college major, you can find coins directly related to the location of the college that the person is attending. These coins can help showcase their journey and give them a little piece of the history for the area. One of the easiest types of coins to give in this situation is one of the state quarters. Each state received their own coin design that you could give as a single display coin or even purchase as a roll of quarters for a fun money gift on their graduation.

You can also look for special commemorative coins issued for specific states where their college is located in. For example, if your loved one is attending a college in Connecticut like Yale or UConn, you can purchase the 1935 Connecticut Tercentenary half dollar. Special coins like this have a lot of value and can be a gift that increases in value over time.

Some colleges may also have had their own commemorative coins issued through the years. These collector's coins often represent sports victories in college. For example, when Alabama won the National Championship in 2015, there were commemorative coins issued to mark their victory. These coins are a great way to get into the college spirit and a great way to give a special gift as a student looks forward to college.

Investing Sets

The end of high school is a good time to start learning about investing, saving money, and learning about different financial management skills. A coin investment set is a great way to build this foundation and give a gift that can rise in value over time. When shopping for coins, you can purchase sets that include antique coins, full sets, or limited edition releases. Along with the sets, you can purchase a coin pricing guide or investment guide to help educate the student about coin collecting. It can not only create a way to make money, but it can start a fun hobby for the person.

For more expensive coins, you can seek help from other family members to help pay for the gift. This will help you select an ideal coin collection for the student. And for more information and options, talk with a professional coin dealer, such as those at American Precious Metals Inc.