Natural Ways To Ease Stress-Related Headaches

13 November 2018
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Stress is an all-encompassing feeling that can manifest itself physically, often in the form of headaches. If you are dealing with stress headaches, you might turn to medications like ibuprofen for relief. But over time, frequent ibuprofen use can lead to stomach irritation and other side effects. When stress headaches are a common issue, you are better off turning to some of these natural sources of relief.

Use Pain Relief Cream

There are various pain relief creams on the market. You can rub these creams directly on your forehead and temples, and they help ease stress-related headaches. Good options to try are all natural pain relief cream products that contain eucalyptus, camphor, or chamomile. These ingredients work in a few ways. First, they help relax the muscles in your forehead and face, which can in turn ease your headache. The scents also help reduce your internal stress levels, which lowers your blood pressure, which can help ease your headache. As you apply the cream, do so in smooth, circular rubbing motions to further relax your muscles.

Make sure you use these creams according to the instructions on the package. Most are not safe to apply too close to your eyes.

Practice Deep Breathing

As mentioned above, lowering your blood pressure can help ease a stress headache. A good way to lower your blood pressure is with deep breathing techniques. There are numerous videos online that you can to for guidance, but here is a really simple breathing technique to try. Inhale deeply as you count to three. Close your eyes, and focus on the feeling of fullness in your lungs as you count to three again. Then, exhale slowly and in a controlled manner to the count of three. If you repeat this routine three or four times, you should notice your stress level decrease and the headache start to fade.

Sip Chamomile Tea

Years ago, people used to drink chamomile tea when they could not fall asleep. That was because the tea has an amazing ability to relax the body and mind. This relaxation can help ease a stress headache, too. As long as you do not have anything pressing to do, chamomile tea is an excellent remedy for a stress headache. Just keep in mind that it may make you sleepy. Use a fresh tea bag, and leave it to steep for 10 minutes to get the full benefits of the tea. Add some honey or milk if you please.