Tips To Take Care Of Your Glass Pipes And Smoking Implements

25 April 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Many smoking enthusiasts agree that glass pipes provide a clean, crisp experience that other types of implements simply don't offer. Plus, there is such a wide range of glass pipes available, from novelty bongs to glitter glass spoon-style pipes. While glass seems inherently fragile, glass pipes are durable and long-lasting if you know how to take care of them.

Take care of your glass pipes and smoking implements with these tips:

  • The number one tip for taking care of your glass pieces is to be gentle, use care, and don't drop them! Dropping is the primary issue to blame for cracks, chips, and breakage, so be vigilant about taking care of your glass pipes.
  • Try to always use filtered water when filling or cleaning glass paraphernalia. The minerals in softened tap water can leave a residue behind that is difficult, if not impossible, to remove from your glass paraphernalia.
  • Speaking of residue, keep a sprayer/mister bottle of rubbing alcohol nearby to easily wipe away any resin or residue that accumulates on your glass. Spritz and gently buff before rinsing clean; allow to dry thoroughly and remove any screens before cleaning.
  • Always keep your glass pieces in a padded box or padded bag when stored. Don't risk them getting banged against a hard surface and potentially damaged.
  • Watch where you set your piece; a hot glass pipe placed on a metal or hard surface can crack. The most damaging culprit for glass pipes is stone, so be particularly careful around granite counters.
  • Buy and use metal flowers that slide over your screen to help prevent debris and ash from accumulating inside the bowl of the glass pipe. It is like an added layer for your tobacco or herbs, which helps keep the pipe cleaner.
  • Replace the screen periodically. If it gets too clogged or dirty, it won't work smoothly and you may be inclined to poke or heat it up to the point of cracking your pipe. Do yourself a favor and clean your screen regularly and replace when it becomes darkened and burnt.

Talk to smoking paraphernalia merchants to find the best deals on glass pipes domestically. Ask about insured shipping if you are worried about damage or breakage during delivery.

For a clean, smooth smoking experience, you can't go wrong with glass pipes or paraphernalia. Use these tips to protect and preserve your glass implements, and to continue enjoying them for years to come.

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