Avoiding Problems With Your Power Cords

24 June 2019
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Power cords are essential for allowing you to use devices and pieces of equipment more than a few feet away from electrical outlets. While power cords are common and essential for many aspects of modern life, uninformed decisions about power cords can increase the risk of encountering problems when using these seemingly simple devices. Follow these tips to avoid some of the common mistakes that many people make:

Ensure The Power Cord Can Support Your Electrical Demands

One of the most important and basic considerations that will come with buying an electrical cord will be ensuring that it is able to handle the amount of voltage that you will need. People often make the mistake of buying a cord that can't handle the voltage they'll be using, which can lead to the cord overloading. This can result in profound safety issues as the excess power can actually result in the insulation around the cord melting. To avoid this problem, you should match the capacity of the electrical cord with the energy demands of the device that it will be powering.  

Never Use Power Cords Outside If They're Designed For Indoor Use

Using an electrical cord that is designed for indoor use in an outdoor setting can be extremely dangerous. There are many potential threats for power cords that are being used in an outdoor setting, and people often fail to appreciate this. While rain is the most obvious threat, insects, debris, and dirt can all create problems for the electrical cord as well. Luckily, there are power cords that are designed to specifically handle the harsh and punishing conditions that can be expected in outdoor settings. These power cords can be more expensive, but they are essential for anyone needing to use power cords outside.

Replace Damaged Power Cords Rather Than Attempting To Patch Them

Unfortunately, your power cords can suffer damage over the time that you are using them. It may be possible to repair some of these damages with electrical tape or power cord patch kits, but this is often an unadvisable solution. These patches may fail, which can expose you or bystanders to the risk of an electrical shock. Whenever you notice damage to the exterior insulation of the power cord or the power cord's performance changing, it should be replaced as quickly as possible. If the power cords will be used to provide electricity to essential equipment, you may want to keep spare power cords on hand in case of damages. This will allow you to replace the damaged power cord as quickly as possible without resulting in a lengthy downtime for the equipment it is powering.

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