Why Shopping Your Local Farmers Market Matters

26 June 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

A farmers market is an excellent opportunity to support local farmers and keep money in your local community. Whether you go to a small farmers market held on a weekday, or you love your big weekend market in the center of town, you are supporting people who are working hard in your area when you shop at a farmers market. Farmers in your area can sell their produce to local stores, or have a farm stand and sell by the side of the road. By attending farmers markets they are getting the retail price for the crops they have worked so hard to grow, instead of having to sell at wholesale prices to the nearby grocery stores.  

You Keep Your Money Local

One of the best ways to support your local economy is to spend your money locally. When you shop at a farmers market, you are directly helping the merchants stay in business. It's like shopping at your family owned market instead of always heading to a big box store. By supporting your local farmers market, you are making the decision to support people in your own area.

Your Produce Is Fresh

You can't get produce any fresher unless you grow it yourself when you shop at a farmers market. While you can go to the grocery store and get the same produce, it may have traveled far to get to the destination and wasn't just barely picked. You'll get great tasting food at an excellent price.

You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When you buy food grown locally, you are going to naturally reduce your carbon footprint. The food you are buying doesn't have to be shipped from all over the world so that you can eat it. When you care about the environment and don't believe that food should be shipped long distances, shopping at your local farmers market is a way to support your values.  This will also keep your costs down.

Get Your Nutrients

Fresh food that hasn't spent time in shipping containers is going to give you the best nutrition possible. Look for a wide range of fruits and vegetables at your farmers market, and you will discover that you can get all the healthy nutrients you need.

When you are focused on good nutrition, sustainability, and your local economy, it makes sense to shop at your farmers market. You'll get great food, and you'll be supporting your friends and neighbors in the process. Check out sites like eatloco.org for more information.