Have Fun Matching Your Flannel Shirt To These Occasions

10 October 2019
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If you're a man who enjoys wearing flannel shirts, you may be of the mindset that it's impossible to have too many of these garments hanging in your closet. While you might be in the habit of simply grabbing a flannel shirt in the morning and slipping it on, it can be fun to buy enough shirts that you can match them to certain occasions. Find a retailer or two that specialize in flannel shirts, and you shouldn't have any trouble finding patterns in a variety of colors. There's no end to the occasions to which you can match these shirts, but these occasions can be especially suitable.


Many people don ugly sweaters for Christmas, but this look isn't for everyone. If you'd rather dress a little more sensibly, a flannel shirt can be a good choice. You can still have fun with your choice of shirt around the holidays, however, and choosing a flannel shirt with Christmas colors will send a clear message that you're in the holiday spirit. Look for a flannel shirt that features a combination of red and green, as these two colors are representative of the holiday. Even a classic red plaid flannel shirt can be a good choice at this time of the year.


You might feel as though you're past dressing up for Halloween, but if you have a little Halloween spirit, a flannel shirt can convey your enthusiasm. In this case, you'll want to wear a flannel shirt that features a combination of orange and black hues — two colors that are popular in Halloween decorating. This type of garment is one that can be fun to wear to work around Halloween or even when you're out trick-or-treating with your children.


People often get dressed up to attend Easter church services, but if you're hosting a family dinner in your home and don't want to wear a suit and tie, a flannel shirt can offer style and comfort. Look for one that features a combination of Easter colors. There are a variety of colors that are popular to wear and decorate with at this time of the year, and a flannel shirt in pastel colors such as yellow, purple, green, or even pink can be the perfect garment to wear — either with jeans for a casual look or with khakis to be a little more stylish.

So find the right flannel shirt for your style from a wide variety, including men's double pocket flannel shirts.