Options For Dealing With An Unfinished Birdhouse

29 July 2020
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

When you evaluate different wooden birdhouses, you'll notice that lots of them have colorful finishes that help them to stand out. This isn't always the case, however. Many birdhouses that you can buy online and in local stores are also unfinished. This means that the wood is bare. The simple look of such a birdhouse may appeal to you, especially if it has a size and shape that you think will be suitable in your yard. Here are three different options to consider for dealing with an unfinished birdhouse.

Paint It

One approach that you can take with an unfinished birdhouse is to paint it. There are many different options to pursue. One idea is to give it a paint job that makes it match the exterior of your home. If you're exceptionally patriotic, giving the birdhouse a stars-and-stripes paint job might be fun to consider. If you have children or grandchildren, painting the birdhouse with them can be a memorable project. Don't worry about the end result being perfect — you may find that a young child's sloppy paint job just makes the birdhouse more endearing to you.

Stain It

If you don't want your new birdhouse to be overly colorful, you might want to stain it instead of paint it. Virtually any color of stain will work, as long as it's suitable for the type of wood that makes up your birdhouse. If you have a stained wooden fence or deck in your yard, you might think about staining the birdhouse to match. This will especially be a good idea if you have some stain left over from using on the fence or deck, as this will save you buying a new can for what amounts to a small and quick project. Stain is valuable not only for changing the look of the birdhouse but also for protecting its wood from the elements.

Leave It

Of course, you don't need to give a new look to your unfinished birdhouse with paint or stain. If you like the idea of keeping it natural, you can hang or mount the birdhouse just as it is. It's important to note that the wood will likely change color over time. For example, cedar has a reddish hue when it's fresh, but will eventually turn a shade of gray. You might like this idea, as the natural look of the birdhouse will help to make it blend into its surroundings in your yard.

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