3 Graduation Stole Designs Inspired By Superheroes

12 November 2020
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

You will often feel like a superhero on your graduation day, so why not dress the part as you march and receive your diploma? A graduation stole is draped over your shoulders and will stand out against your graduation gown. The stole is an ideal way to add some individuality to the whole graduation process.

If you're a fan of superheroes, then you can come up with custom designs and have a truly unique stole to wear.

1. Superhero Colors

One of the simplest ways to showcase your love of superheroes is through a color design. Superheroes will typically have two main colors associated with the hero. There's the main color and then the supplementary color. You can feature the main color on the base of a stole and then add the supplementary color to the edges.

For example, if you're a fan of Superman, you could order a blue stole with a red trim. A stole inspired by The Flash would feature a red stole with yellow trim. The bold colors of the graduation stoles also match the bold colors of the heroes and can give a lot of pop to your outfit.

2. Superhero Symbols

When you order custom stoles, you can custom embroidery options on a design. The tip of the stole is an ideal place to put an embroidered superhero symbol. For example, you could put an "A" symbol to represent the Avengers. A lightning bolt symbol could represent either The Flash or Black Lightning. A bat symbol is ideal for Batman.

You could even put a symbol on each tip of the stole to represent multiple heroes. For example, you could have a bat symbol on one side and an "S" symbol on the opposite to represent Batman and Superman. The combinations give you a lot of options and allow you to represent more than one hero.

3. Superhero Quotes

When you order a stole, you can choose to have custom text printed across the design. The custom text feature is an ideal way to showcase a short and inspirational superhero quote. For example, there's Spider-Man's classic quote "With great power, comes great responsibility."

There's also Iron Man's quote that reads ""Part of the journey is the end." You can find a lot of fitting quotes for your stole including ones with humor like "I am Batman" or "I am Groot."

After your graduation, the stole will become a great keepsake you can hang and display for years to come. For more information about customized graduation stoles, contact a local maker.