Why Every Woman Should Have a Pair of Waterproof Booties

28 May 2021
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

The footwear selection for women has gotten pretty extreme over the past few years. No longer are the only choices pumps, sandals, or winter boots. Now, there are so many kinds of heels, sandals, and boots.

With so many choices of footwear, you may not initially think you need to add yet another one to your closet. But waterproof booties really do deserve a space. Here are a few reasons why every woman really should own a pair of waterproof booties.

1. They can save your heels from damage on rainy workdays.

When it's raining out and you have to walk to work — or even walk from your car to an office — do you take a deep breath and hope your heels don't suffer too much water damage? Most heels, sadly, are not exactly made to slosh around in puddles, and the lining or base tends to start peeling if you get them too wet. If you have a pair of booties, you can wear them while you walk to the office, and then change into your heels or nicer shoes once you get inside. And unlike full-size rain boots, booties are small enough to stash, unobtrusively, in a bag beneath your desk or in a corner.

2. They can keep your feet dry and prevent moisture-related problems.

So many shoes are water-resistant, but not waterproof, so if you do anything like walk to the store in them on a rainy day, your feet will still get damp. This can cause all sorts of foot problems, ranging from blisters to bacterial infections. Some foot problems make it difficult to walk or run. If you instead wear waterproof booties that actually keep the water out, your feet will thank you for it. You're also less likely to have to visit the podiatrist.

3. They are versatile.

Rain boots keep your feet dry, too, but they tend to really stand out, and they can be too tall to wear with some pants. Other booties have a nice look, but they don't keep your feet dry. Waterproof booties are the perfect, versatile compromise. Although you won't want to wear them with formal wear, they fit with almost everything else, from casual jeans to flowing spring skirts.

Every woman deserves a pair of waterproof booties. You'll wear these shoes more often than you think, and in fact, you may decide you want two pairs.Contact companies like Italeau to learn more.