What Do Valerian and Chamomile Do When Added to CBD Products?

3 August 2021
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

When shopping for CBD products, you may come across some that have other substances and therapeutic ingredients blended in with the CBD. Products like this are becoming more common. One product that you may see in particular is CBD blended with valerian root and chamomile. What do these other ingredients do, and how are they helpful? Take a look.

Valerian Root

Valerian is an herb that has long been cultivated and used for medicinal purposes in Asian countries. It is becoming more common in North America in more recent years. The roots of the plant are the most effective; they contain a substance that is thought to interact with your nerves and your brain.

Valerian root is really relaxing. People take it when they are feeling anxious or when they're suffering from insomnia. As you may know, these are two of the same reasons people take CBD. If you're someone taking CBD for insomnia or anxious thoughts, taking a product that also contains valerian can give you more prominent effects.

Valerian doesn't always give immediate results like CBD, though. It may take a few days or weeks of regular dosing for it to have its maximum effects. So, when you take a CBD product with valerian, you'll get some relaxation right off the bat from the CBD, but the additional relaxation due to the valerian will grow over time.


A generation or two ago, chamomile tea was really common. It was often taken before bedtime to promote feelings of relaxation, especially when someone was under stress. Today, people still take chamomile for this reason, but brewing it into tea can be a bit time-consuming. Oral supplements that contain CBD and chamomile are easier to take as needed. Chamomile can also be helpful for some more distinct causes of insomnia. It can help with restless leg syndrome, and it can help quiet your racing thoughts. It does tend to have an immediate effect, although that effect can keep growing over time.

If you take a product with CBD, chamomile, and valerian, you can expect to feel really relaxed from day one, and then that relaxation will only grow with repeated use. CBD products formulated with chamomile and valerian can be a great nighttime supplement for anyone who struggles with sleep. Look for pills, oils, and tinctures with these three ingredients. They're becoming quite popular, so many CBD stores have them in stock. For more information, contact a business that sells CBD gummies with valerian root and chamomile.