Before And After Carpet Installation

7 October 2021
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

When you have carpet installed, your installers will handle the hard part. They'll put down the carpet pad, stretch your carpet, cut it to size, and tack it down. However, as the homeowner, you should be involved in both the preparation and the aftermath of carpet installation. Here are some basic guidelines to help you prepare for carpet installation, and then take care of your newly installed carpet once your installers leave.

Preparing for Carpet Installation

Installers will often move the furniture for you before installing the carpet. But if you feel more comfortable moving your own furniture, you can go ahead and do so. If you do want the installers to move your furniture, you should at least ensure there's an empty area where they can safely stow the furniture while they work. Do make sure you move smaller items, like books and lamps, prior to the arrival of your installation team.

Carpet installers will use some power tools, so make sure there are available electrical outlets in the area where the carpet is being installed. This might mean you have to unplug some appliances or plug in a power strip.

Finally, make sure all of your doors are easy to open and close. Your installers will have to go in and out of your home many times, so if you have a door with loose hinges or one that doesn't open easily, have it fixed prior to carpet installation.

Following Up After Installation

When your carpet installer is done working, look the space over. If you see any areas where the carpet does not look quite right, point them out. Carpet installers are generally pretty good at seeing and fixing their mistakes, but they're only human, and having a second set of eyes look things over is helpful.

Wait a few days before putting your furniture back in place, if possible. New carpets shed a lot, so you'll want to vacuum daily for the first few days that your new carpet is in place. Once you're no longer filling the vacuum up with each pass, you can put the furniture back in place. 

You may want to leave your windows open or turn the HVAC system to "fan" mode for a day or two after carpet installation. This will help rid your home of the plastic scent that often comes with new carpet.

Armed with these before and after tips, you're now ready to have carpet installed. Good luck!