A Work of Art: Choosing and Using Handstitched Amish Quilts

22 September 2022
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If you ever walked into a quilt shop and gasped at the sight of a beautiful quilt that caught your eye, you already know the impact a quilt can have on your emotions. Handmade Amish quilts are a work of art and each one is unique. The addition of an Amish handstitched quilt in your home can make a room appear warm and welcoming and can add a touch of cozy charm to your home.

Finding Amish quilts

If you visit an Amish community, there is a good chance you will find signs about quilts for sale, as quilt making is an at-home business for many Amish women. Amish girls learn the art of quilting at a young age and often are well-skilled at the craft by the time they become teens or adults. An authentic Amish quilt has likely been stitched by someone with years of experience, so you can rest assured knowing you are buying a well-made quilt.

The Amish also take their quilts to local stores to sell, which makes Amish quilts easy to locate. You may also want to check antique stores and flea markets for Amish quilts.

Amish quilts are an investment

Handstitched Amish quilts can be rather expensive depending on the size of the quilt. The cost is due to the massive amount of work and time it takes to stitch a handmade quilt, not to miss the fact that quilting techniques may take decades to perfect. Amish quilts are worth the cost because you are getting a one-of-a-kind work of art that is lovingly sewn by a skilled quilter.

Displaying your quilt

Take care to display your quilt in an area that does not receive direct sunlight to prevent fading and be cautious about using quilts in areas with high humidity, such as a bathroom. Amish quilts look charming in a kitchen when displayed on a quilt rack or when draped over a chair or sofa in the living room. They make great bed coverings and can also be used as a wall hanging if desired.

There is a lot to love about handmade and handstitched Amish quilts. With their charming appeal and beautiful fabrics, they will quickly become the focal point of a room when draped over a sofa or when used in place of a comforter on a bed. Amish quilts are heirloom pieces of art that can be handed down for generations to come.