Check These Things When You Buy Used Office Chairs

25 April 2023
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Every office needs a number of chairs for its employees, but you might be concerned about the cost of buying a large selection of new chairs. A good way to save money is to visit a used office furniture outlet, which carries all sorts of pieces of furniture that are useful in the workplace. You'll find lots of different used chairs that you can place in various areas of the office. Here are a handful of things that you'll want to check out when you shop for used office chairs.


A new office chair has a good amount of padding on its seat, but the padding can break down over time as a result of many hours of use. Padding is instrumental to the chair being comfortable, so you'll want to ensure that any used office chairs you buy have ample padding. Don't be afraid to sit on each of the chairs to assess how they feel. The seat of a gently used office chair will likely have a good amount of padding, offering a high level of comfort for those who use it.

Adjustment Levers

Office chairs are equipped with a number of levers that are mounted beneath the seat and allow the user to adjust the chair in a multitude of ways. For example, one lever allows you to recline the chair, another lets you raise or lower the chair, and another adjusts the chair's lumbar support. When you shop for used chairs, it's important to ensure that each of these levers is performing properly. When you're sitting on each office chair that you're thinking about buying, devote a few seconds to test out each of the levers to ensure that the chair moves in the desired manner.


Many office chairs have several small caster wheels below them, which allow the user to move their chair around with ease. You'll want to confirm that the wheels are properly lubricated so that they roll well. Many used furniture suppliers will lubricate the wheels and other moving parts prior to listing them for sale, so you should find that the wheels are in good working condition. You can push the chairs back and forth or sit on them and use your feet to move around to get a sense of the wheels' condition. Keep these things in mind when you browse used office furniture for sale at a used office furniture supplier.