Why Every Woman Should Have a Pair of Waterproof Booties

28 May 2021
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The footwear selection for women has gotten pretty extreme over the past few years. No longer are the only choices pumps, sandals, or winter boots. Now, there are so many kinds of heels, sandals, and boots. With so many choices of footwear, you may not initially think you need to add yet another one to your closet. But waterproof booties really do deserve a space. Here are a few reasons why every woman really should own a pair of waterproof booties. Read More 

Why You Should Consider Buying Products From Companies That Support Cancer Research

8 March 2021
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Whether you have suffered from a cancer diagnosis yourself, if you have a family who has or has had cancer, or even if you don't actually directly know anyone who has cancer, it isn't a bad idea to purchase products from companies that support cancer research. Luckily, there are a surprising number of companies that donate to cancer-related causes and support cancer research. If possible, next time that you want to do a little bit of shopping, you should at least consider buying products from companies that support cancer research for these reasons and more. Read More